Crusader lower receiver

I’ve been looking for a spikes crusader stripped lower receiver. Has anyone seen one floating around somewhere?

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If nowhere else you can generally find them on GunBroker. There are a few other places you can find them but I don’t believe you’ll find them for less than $100 right now. I got mine off of GunBroker

Thanks. I forgot about gunbroker. They have a couple but apparently they’re a hot little item. So we’ll see :slight_smile: I’d really like to use it as my lower for my 300BO pistol/sbr.

It was a hot item when I bought mine a few months ago. I had originally bought an Anderson lower for the purpose of using it for my first build but then found the crusader lower and decided I had to get that one. They sell out quickly.

Contact I know they had some crusaders on order from spikes and were suppose to come in at anytime.

They have all the other spikes receivers but not that one. Lol I’ve signed up for a few websites to email me when they come in so fingers crossed. It’s the only piece that I need to finish my 300blk.

Check Joe Bob’s Outfitters. I picked mine up for $89.95 with free shipping just before Christmas. They typically carry several Spike’s lowers.

I was able to find one that was engraved on the magwell but joboboutfitters has been out of stock. They had some last week but they sold out in a day lol