Custom AR15 Pistol in BLK300AAC- Wont find a nicer pistol locally


Looking at a Custom one off AR Pistol built in BLK300AAC Caliber. I will list all the parts below. I am willing to make a partial cash/ Trade deal on gun or all cash.

Build Sheet

-Anderson Laser Etched Lower
-Anderson Upper with Anderson upper parts kit “Forward Asst & Dust door”
-Magpul laser etched handle
-Timber Creek trigger guard
-Palmetto Stage 1 trigger kit
-Alpha 5 quick extended take down pins
-Areo BCG
-Anderson 7 1/2inch stainless barrel chambered in BLK300AAC 1:7 twist
-Tiber Creek Thread saver
-Magpul Mbud F+R sights
-BCM gunfighter chargeing handle
-Kak Tube
-Carbine piston and spring
-Blade stabilizer
-Magpul center point quick release sling mount
-Anderson gas block
-Anderson stainless gas tube
-Midwest 7inch mlock rail
-1 magpul 30 round magazine

Will trade for:

I will trade this pistol for $800.00 cash and other firearms in the $400.00 -$500.00 dollar range… Or straight cash $1200.00 or best fair offer.


Hey I’m interested in just the lower complete Willing to give you a rugersp101 for just your lower or cash


I’m getting ready to build my first AR 15 PISTOL in 300 BLK. I have built 4 AR 15 rifles in 9mm, 308, 5.56 and 300 BLK. My question for a pistol build what weight buffer should I buy, so it cycles correctly. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Rico!


I have a PSA 300 Blkout pistol with a 10.5" barrel and pistol length gas system. It works flawlessly with heavy subs (180-220gr) as well as super sonic 125-155gr. Hope this helps.