Delta team tactical Presidents' Day sale



You may have it by election day…


True, but I did get a buffer spring in 33 days


I got the wrong barrel in 35 days lol


I got an order from them in about 12 days. They are not the fastest to say the least. Really hard to get ahold of someone. But… decent pricing.


I agree,they are tardy and some times make mistakes on orders but they do make every effort to make it right I order from them and just take the good with the bad.


They seem to be getting better.
I ordered a few things, order came in 8-10 days. I was impressed. Then I found I was missing 3 KNS pin kits.

So I called, actually got a voice on the phone, used to always go to a message system. Lady said they had hired more people and must have been a mistake. Pin kits were sent out in 2 days, had them in less than 5. The kits came with an allen wrench instead of the proper torx, but I already have them from previous installs.

They seem to be getting better, and still have great pricing.