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AR 15 Upper Receiver

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just bought a stripped upper. ~$38 shipped! Once I get it I will post a review, but can’t wait to get it!

Any way i could convince you guys to start pumping out some A2 uppers? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your recent purchase! We currently have an order in for the A2 forging. Just waiting for them to be completed by the forging company and shipped so we can get them ran through our machines.

Awesome!! I tried finding a way to send you a PM but couldn’t find it. There doesn’t seem to be a customer service email listed on the eStore site.

Update - i guess you have to get past FNG status to be able to PM :stuck_out_tongue: i am no longer a FNG so PM inbound

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If you use Facebook, you can get a hold of us on there by searching and liking our page-
“Digital Tool & Automation Inc”

Here is our email- [email protected]

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Just got mine today. Wasnt supposed to get here until Monday. I ordered it about midnight ct time wednesday and it got here in 3 days after choosing the cheapest shipping option. Thanks for the amazingly fast shipping and great deal!

Just ordered one, looking forward to it.

How well do you thing one of the “white” stripped uppers would polish up? I’ve always wanted to do a winter rifle without having to paint it silver. Polished upper and lower, stainless barrel and Mossey Oak winter furniture.

Anyone tried their compensators? Definitely priced right? I would be using on 16 inch carbine length.

Got my stripped upper today. Doesn’t look bad. Fit isn’t super tight but it doesn’t rattle any. Anodizing looks real good. May be a while before I get it assembled though. I’ll toss up a review once it’s built and I shoot it.


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Here is the link to our review:

Will be posting one on the linear comp in the next week or so. You can follow us on twitter @calgunandprep as well.

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I have tried to place an order about 5 times now and it says you won’t ship to Colorado? Is this a glitch or do you not sell to Colorado?

The message I get is:“There are no shipping methods available for your cart or destination.”

Very strange, please send me an email. I will assist you with your order! [email protected]

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Problem solved!

Thanks for the help Chris!


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nice video, thank you for posting this, i was wondering who this company is and which forge the forging mark refers to.

ill probably be buying some of my next parts from them.

Glad you liked it! They are a great company and their customer service is amazing.