Fail to extract issue

On a buddies gun.

Shoots fine, doesn’t extract. Period. His description was it was jamming.

Talked to him, told him to drop it off to me. At that point I found it was failing to extract. Everything is new.

He said first round, shot, case didn’t eject and it pushed another round into the casing.

Second round, same thing. He said he just ejected the mag, pointed it upwards and shook and the cases fall right out, so not a chamber issue.

Anyone had a brand new bcg extractor issue? I was going to just swap bcg’s when I get my hands on it and try it, but this is an issue I have not had.

I will also take it apart, maybe it is missing the spring, or it’s weak.


Edit. Buddy just came by, was in the area eating turkey dinner…
Still had the rifle with him. The bolt was for .300… Apparently with everyone buying everything in sight last month they shipped the wrong bcg. Easy fix.

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So, after searching around online, 300 and 5.56 both use the same bolt (according to a few sites)… So wtf is this bolt for??

7.62 or 6.8 spc?

.300 black out uses .223 casings that have been cut down to accept the larger 300 round.
One on the might be for a .308-any way to mic it?

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I thought I posted back, but I guess I didn’t. It was a 7.62 bolt.