Faxon Firearms - Ask Us Anything

Greetings from Faxon Firearms!

We’re new around here, but wanted to make ourselves available for any questions.

Ask Us Anything!


That’s awesome that you are here! Welcome.

Do you offer a Mil/Leo/Fire discount?

Welcome…Relax, beers in the fridge.

Yes. Our FAQs has details on how to sign up!

Discount applies to all first responders, EMTs included.


Found it. Done and done. Thank you Sir.

Glad to have such a reputable company here in the group. We have sold your barrels in the past, great products!

Is it necessary to check head space on a new build? Also, can I use a .223 go-no on a 5.56 to check the head space?

Yes, one should ALWAYS check headspace, even if picking up parts from the same manufacturer. Tolerance stack can lead to big booms.

Yes, you can use a .223 Remington guage set, but the no-go will not be as long as 5.56 NATO. What may check as no-go with the gauges may actually be good to shoot if the gauges close and its tight.


Pretty awesome faxon is here answering

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Just saw your net 14.5 inch barrels with pinned breaks.
I’m planning to get one for my next, lightweight build!

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Any chance of Faxon coming out with a 223 Wylde Chambered barrel?

We’re honored to be included in the build!


We’re staying mum on the topic for now. We make .223 Wylde for a variety of OEMs, but prefer the 5.56 NATO chambering for compatibilty and safety purposes.

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Any ETA when you will be getting your carrier completion kits in or do I need to drive up to your shop and ninja one? :smiling_imp:


Any chance of seeing some 6.5 barrels from you guys?

They currently have a survey on their website asking what future products you would like to see from them. It’s right on their front page at http://faxonfirearms.com/. Here is the link in case you are lazy like I am… :smiley: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C8NPSMD


Thanks. I haven’t been to their website in a few weeks.

Yes. We have released some to production. May be a bit as we get through other barrels, but they will be completed.

Just got a Faxon pencil barrel mid gas, your light BCG and your light low profile gas block, they all look GREAT! the question I have is, I shoot M193 and M855 and equivalent reloads most of the time, do I need to use an adjustable gas block or will my bolt velocity be ok with these items as listed (Car buffer and spring).
Thank You