Fires but wont cycle HELP!


I have an APOC TITAN 20" upper with a Nickel Boron BCG also APOC on a Anderson lower with DPMS lower parts Mag Pull PRS butt stock . It will fire but not cycle the next round works manually .I Was shooting Federal .223 in 55Gr. Gas rings are staggered . Any help will be appreciated Thanks.


With a 20" rifle length gas system barrel 55gr may be a light load. Just bought a brand new Aero Ar10 and it has the same issue with 7.62 by 51 or 150 grain .308. I jumped up to 180 grain and problem solved.


Thanks I’ll give it a try :+1:t2:


Does it eject the round just not cycle the next?


No it does not eject the spent round


Sounds like it may be a gas issue. Send it back to APOC they can take a look


I think I will try the heavier round first if that doesn’t work. Then I will definitely be getting in touch with them . Thanks


I love the people down at APOC Armory. Just give them a ring and I’m sure they’d love to help!


+1 gas issue. Running hotter round may fix issue. However, I would run a check on the gas block and tube


Try putting 1 round in the mag, shoot it. If the bolt doesn’t hold open after shooting the one round chances are its short cycling which usually means a gas issue. Just send it back to APOC. Apoc’s the best. They will have you running in no time.


If the gas-system check out but the rifle still short strokes, then lightening up the buffer/buffer spring can solve the issue. Counterwinding the spring will loosen it up a bit.


If the issue only happens 1/100 times could it still be gas related or does the infrequency make u think more of an ammo issue?


Going to try a heavier round first just waiting for the bullets I’ve ordered to get here . I will keep you posted on progress.


I had a similar problem on my first build, and it was a gas issue. the gas port on the barrel wasn’t perfectly lined up with the aperture on my gas block (my fault). not enough gas pressure was being generated to drive the BCG rearward. i had to take down my gas sytem and realign everything. I made a small scratch on the finish of the barrel in a linear fashion to make sure I was properly lined up, and reinstalled my gas system and it ended up working perfectly.

Some new barrels are dimpled to help with alignment, those are really convenient too.


Thanks I will give it a check over :+1:t2:


Make sure the hole in the barrel is clear and clean also check that you have the correct gas tube and nothing is being blocked.


I had a similar problem, and I found out the gas block was leaking. I pulled it off and saw little gas spray. You might also check the hole size of the gas block and the hole in your barrel for size and apperture blockage.


Another thing DON’T buy the Chineese stuff , get reputable parts made in USA. Don’t cheap out your life may depnd on it !!!


Thanks for the return label . I sent it out yesterday. Sure hope you can figure it out :+1:t2: And Thanks.again :+1:t2::+1:t2:


It will get fixed, thanks again!