First build - Help choosing upper

Hi there,

After borrowing a buddies Sig 516 and taking it to the range I decided I needed some AR in my life. I want/need some other firearms too (pistol/12ga) but after the latest insanity in Orlando and the politicians being douchebags, I bought 4 cerakoted Anderson lowers (tungsten, burnt bronze, zombie green, prison pink) that are being shipped to my FFL any day now. Anyway, I have some Qs about selecting parts and I thought this would be a good place to start. I saw APOCs Centurion Burnt Bronze preorder, and I’m thinking I might go that direction, but I was hoping for an 18" barrel. Is it worth considering an 18 for my first AR? Should I jut get the (nasty looking) 16?

You can’t go wrong with Apoc. I think it’s going to come down to what do you want it for. I’m sure some guys will weigh in but the shorter the barrel, the easier for using for close quarters and the longer the barrel, the better for distance…

But, I have used all sorts and don’t find too much difference until you get to 18+ inches and it still didn’t bug me.

I’m no expert either. Just an opinion.

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In my eyes if you’re going 18 you’re looking for a bench gun. Something meant to shoot off a rest. The 16 will reach out a long ways but will also be maneuverable.

Either way you’ll have fun though :wink:


16 or 18 will both be good. Just don’t go 24" like I did for my first AR. Fuggin heavy. Shines at shooting from a rest though.