Flask Killer, even on a short barrel!


Let me preface this post to say that I kinda stumbled onto the product at the suggestion of an expert in the M14 world. I’ve been deep in the M14 platform for many years. I recently called Ron Smith, of Smith Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) to discuss suppressor options that I could run on my M1a, but also swap over to several 5.56 guns. He immediately chimed in that he carries a suppressed 10.5" AR in his vehicle, and had just what I needed for my 7.5" AR pistol. I must say, I’m amazed. More on his product in a minute.

First, everyone has said a 7.5" barrel means fireballs are a fact of life. Ok? Sure, fun on the range, but I’m building this gun for genuine home defense. It’s short enough to turn 180° in a hallway, and the big flash wouldn’t be helpful in a dark house. So, I started playing with some muzzle devices…

First up, A2 birdcage. Might as well be nothing on the barrel. The A2 is so short that everything happens in front of it.

I just happened to have a Troy Industries Medieval comp laying around. This is said to be a flash hider/compensator. I think it works well on carbine length barrels, but it’s no match for some others on the market. On this short barrel, it did help manage the muzzle a bit, but nothing awe inspiring.

Now, about that SEI comp… SEI is best known for their M14 work, having supplied many to the military over the years. Part of that was development of their Windtalker suppressors that started back around 1986. A dozen years ago, they changed the game in the middle east by providing their patented Vortex flash hider to G.I.s free of charge. Many years ago, they supplied the US Coast Guard with a 7.62 muzzle brake that truly tames 7.62 full auto fire. Each of these is available as a QD mount for their suppressor, hence my call to Ron. When my 7.5" barrel came up, he said he wanted to send me something. A few days later, I received his Good Iron #1007 comp. It is based on the Vortex flash hider, but has a port arrangement that makes it particularly effective on short barrel M4/AR15 type weapons. It was shocking to see the video after this test. It also did a better job on muzzle control and felt recoil. I’m sold! Five Stars!


Thanks! Being a M1A SOCOM owner I’m a fan of Ron Smith but I never think of him when it comes to AR’s. I’m in the same boat, building an 8.5" 300AAC pistol. I don’t want a flamethrower so next up is to see if he has that flash hider compatible with 300AAC.


That is remarkable! Does SEI sell their comp/flashhider as a direct install (as in fitting the typical 1/2"X28tpi) used on the AR barrel?
And if so, what is the price?
The device I’m running on my 11.5" AR Pistol (the Concussion Reduction Device ??) seems to work pretty well but I’ve not tried it in semi or full darkness with or without the outer, larger, sleeve. But I bought it specifically to help mitigate flash, blast and concussion inside my home if there came a need to touch off rounds in a confining hallway.
I know in daytime shooting it DOES send the vast majority of the spent and unspent powder/blast downrange when used together. It isn’t the least bit uncomfortable to shooters directly to either side of the muzzle when we are running drills close together.
That said, I am very intrigued and, price dependent, I’d like to install them straight away.
Thanks for your video clips and input.
EDIT: I went to the SEI site and located the prices. Certainly not bad and far less than SOME Brake designs and companies. As soon as I have the spare Cashola ima gunna get me a couple for my shorties.
Thanks for the article.


Glad you like it!
SEI has a full line of AR15/M4 products. See the link below.
The Vortex 1001 is their best flash hider. In my video I’m using the 1007, which is a hybrid brake/flash hider. It was recommended for my short barrel.
Also, take a look at the 1002. It is the most effective brake I’ve ever found.
They run $60-$80.
Call and talk to Ron about your specific needs. He’ll steer you straight.