Gas piston systems

Looking for members experiences with gas piston systems

Have worked on M14/M1a. Don’t know if that’s what you are inquiring about.?

Running a piston setup on my last build. Love it. Bolt runs cool and clean, no more scrubbing the bejeezus out of the BCG after a day at the range, just some CLP and a rag and its done. Also, my gas block is adjustable which allows for fine tuning the gas system, adjusting for back pressures of certain devices, as well as turning it off, basically making it a single shot rifle. There will be noticeably more heat buildup in the handguard where the short stroke piston/gas block assembly is, but I usually wear shooting gloves so it is a non-factor for me. The balance of the rifle is slightly different, as there is more mass in front of the receiver. For that reason, my piston build is quite simple - no craptical gadgets and gizmos on the handguard, and running Diamondhead ironsights with a lightweight full length free float handguard. I would stay away from HBAR profiles on piston systems because of the added weight in the fore end section of the rifle. I have heard critics complain about recoil on piston drive ARs. I have not noticed any change in that matter. Moreover, if you are complaining about recoil from an AR 223 platform, you need to quit shooting and pick up knitting. My $.02. Happy to answer any specific questions you might have. :beers:


I’m fighting myself on brand choice between the “self adjusting” Osprey and the adjustable Syrac systems. They seem to be comparable in weight.

If you want my opinion, I would go with the Syrac system. 24 settings is more than enough to adjust for Full, Semi, and single, with pretty much any buffer/spring weight, as well as “Quiet” modes of operation. As a type A guy, I don’t like things that say auto-adjust, I prefer to decide for myself based on empirical evidence what setting runs best. Adams Arms also makes a direct replacement kit worth checking out.


One other thing to note. Carrier-tilt can be an issue with some piston kits. I would check with the BCG manufacturer to see if they have addressed the issue with any mods to the carrier. If not, there are some buffer tubes out there that extend further into the receiver to cradle the rear of the carrier when it is locked forward to prevent tilt and premature wear.


Syrac has kinda been MIA for almost a year. Rumor has it that their systems were made completely by Superlative Arms and Superlative Arms cut ties with them. Superlative Arms system has a bleed off function on top of the same features that Syrac had.


I was leaning this way too. Maybe Superlative, though?!?

Just watched the guy from military arms channel do a review on the Osprey 416, damn these people making valid points!