Gas vs. Mass Regulation in Your AR


I swear, half of all issues we read about are gas / mass related. I think this video is a pretty good primer on how to optimize the cycling of your build using one or the other technique (or a combination of both). What do you guys think?


I’ve heard it said that any AR you buy off the shelf is overgassed. If your’re building to standard specs your gun is probably overgassed too. I’m still working bugs out of my 300 HAM’R but a lightweight BCG, a JP LMOS buffer and reduced power buffer spring made a difference. Since I don’t use a suppressor I’d prefer to avoid an adjustable gas block. I wasn’t so lucky on my PSA PA-10. Mid-length gas has no business on a .308 and I had doubts about the carbine buffer. In .223 I’d definitely go low mass and hope I didn’t need an adjustable block.


That’s one of the best explanations I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing.