Gassing issues & tips

Can someone post the gas chart/clock?

How do i freaking post a pic in here? I did it before. Lol

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there it is :laughing: @SDFinn


Mine is ejecting around 1-2 o’clock. Haven’t got the chance to order a heavier buffer, yet.

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We currently have 2 - ARs, one Carbine length and one Mid length.

The Carbine length ejects around 2-3
The Mid-Length ejects perfectly between 3-4.

Is it normal for a Carbine length to eject between 2-3? I was thinking of getting or trying a heavy buffer.

I haven’t had a chance to weigh the buffer in the carbine length rifle yet.


Thanks! I’m actually working with a pistol length .300. I expected short stroking/under gassing due to subsonic rounds. Ejection is 4-5 off the deflector. I just thought this should be a thread because its a common question

I have a 14.5 pinned midday and it’s ejecting around 6. Has ftf every once in a while. Will a lighter buffer work?

Been wanting to ask forever but never trusted FB!!

Nice to be in a closed forum!

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Nateb, failure to fire? or feed? If its not feeding, a lighter buffer may help, a lighter spring too. But the spring can cause out of battery issues. Best bet when under gassed/short stroking, is to open up the gas port

@SDFinn thanks! I got the adjustable buffer weight kit from kak and it worked like a champ! It was failure to feed. And it wouldn’t lock back when the mag was empty. Went to the range tonight with a few tools to mess with all the different buffer weights and now it’s running smooth! Didn’t touch the spring either so I think I am g2g. Do you know if the lighter buffer will have any negative longterm affects


@NateB. It shouldn’t have any long term effects.

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@winks0617 id say both builds are ejecting perfectly

Do you use adjustable gas blocks @SRC?

Negative @SDFinn. My first build was with a radical firearms low pro gas block on a midlength Socom barrel.

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