Giveaways - not affilated with AR15BuilderForum

For those of you who might not know me, I am a junkie for finding giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests for firearms, components, and accessories.

The last 2 builds I did I have less than $100 each into, as I have won almost everything for the build.

I am wondering if it is appropriate and or wanted for me to post these opportunities. If so what guidelines would you like me to follow?

2 “won” rifles -

Those both look like nice rifles, but the heavy barrel and scope on the top one make that one look awesome! I bet it is a great varmint rifle! Can you share your build specs?


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You could create your own fb page to give out the info

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I would follow that on Facebook

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If your posting other raffles and not running one that’s fine

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I’m a sweeper too. That sounds great, kywalleye. Any additional info would be welcome. For others that are interested and don’t know where to start for some of the more common sites for gun sweeps, you should head on over to to see a fairly good-sized list.

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I have a facebook page for this “The Firearms Page” not real creative, I know.

Black rain ordnance billet lower, CAA butt stock and grip, Rise Armament RA-140 trigger, Anderson Buffer, Strike Industries Flat wire buffer spring, St Croix Tactical NiB BCG, CBC industries 24" bull barrel complete upper, Riton 4-18x40 optic, Strike Industries Charging handle, Harris bipod,

I check the Weapons Blog regularly - tends to be the bigger GAWs posted there. I also post those plus a lot from smaller companies that are running the “like out page and share” type GAWs - Check out “the firearms page” on FB

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