Groups back up guys


So…are we moving back in after being kicked out or no?

For fucks sake Facebook is like a psycho ex girlfriend that can’t make up her mind. One minute she’s telling you’re a piece a’ shit and she’s done with you, breaking your shit, kicking your dog, sobbing all over Facebook, and then next thing you know she’s knocking on the door wanting that D again.


Give it to her good and she’ll always come back for more!

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I’m good with staying here.
Facebook even shutdown pages that weren’t against their policies.

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I say keep the facebook forum running. We can’t be defeted that easily. There is something more to this. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

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We’ll keep both going. Each will evolve in its own way. Some will use one or the other, some will use both but at lease this site can’t be shut down. Thanks everyone who contributes on here.