Handguard quality


I’m working on my first build and am getting overwhelmed by all the options. I know I want free-floating, I have seen them from 60$ on up. Any input would be appreciated.


I am by no means an expert, but make sure you get 6065-T6 air craft aluminum handguards.


Try to keep it light weight.


What length barrel? I built a 16" midlength and bought a 15" freefloat keymod from www.apocarmory.com

I love it, it’s light, it was easy to assemble, American made, and it was inexpensive. You should check them out. It also came with a few picatiny rail attachments so I didn’t need to buy those separately to attach a “Keymod only” accessory.

I debated on going mLok vs Keymod and decided that I think mlok looks better.


I’m going with a 16" black melonite ss with spiral flutes.


Like @SRC said, your first concern should be the quality of the aluminum. After that, the biggest difference that you’ll see in quality is with the finish of it. Cheaper ones tend not to have great anodizing. Some are so bad you can sneeze on them and blow the finish off.


Be careful of cheap handguards, verify that there’re not Airsoft hardware.
Free float tend to be expensive, I was happy when I found one for about $100


You can get cheap off amazon for less than 100$. Quality will run you between 100-200 anything more than that and you’re probably paying for the name. I have all three levels so take your pick. Find what feels right to you and looks good to you. But anything from 10"-15" will be perfect for a 16" barrel