Head space testing


I built a 5.56 AR using CBC parts.
I’m wanting to check the head space to be safe, some of the guys that I know who also builds AR’s said that it isn’t necessary. Can I use a .223 go-no go gauge or do I need a 5.56 guage specifically?


The cartridge and headspace gauges are the same for both 223 and 5.56. The only difference is in the length and profile of the throat ahead of the chamber


Our barrels are twice verified for head space. If you have any issues with your build please reach out to me via our customer service email on our website. We have a great product and an even better support team to assist before and after the sale. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to assist you. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your completed rifle so we can add them to our customer gallery. We also do periodic giveaways so keep watching our facebook and/or mailing list.