Hello from new member!

Hey guys, just wanted to say “Hello” & thanks for having me. Doing my 1st build now, 223 Wylde 18" barrel. A LOT of fun putting this thing together & definitely won’t be my last. Just finished the entire lower, now working on the upper, waiting on the barrel to come in…


Welcome and keep at it. Think I am on 6th one. It is fun and slightly addicting.

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Rock on @ar_jake10 we can’t wait to see it when it is all finished up. Please let us know if you run into any issues, we’re glad to help out.

The start of a badass looking build!

Ain’t that the truth

Hey! I just joined as well. Just finished my .223 Wylde build as well! Going to go test fire it tomorrow. Hope all goes well


Great looking build, glad to have you in the group!

Thanks. Just went to the range today to test fire and Zero in my Holosun HE 403. What a sweet gun!,
After just a few clicks I was doing groups of 5 at 50 yards, and was so close that there were only three holes. Two of them were doubles!,:grinning: Love it. I’m hooked. Now what’s the NEXT build!:joy:


That is how it all starts lol

Welcome it’s a very addictive hobby…


Waiting on parts is the worst and the best part. That and shoping for parts. Siting there refreshing the tracking info is a passtime in and of itself. I have something new coming in almost everyday for months now. Lol, it’s for sure addictive. It’s gotta be more expensive than crack :joy:.