I have a diamond back db-15 and am having some problems please help!

i have a db-15 and i cant get very good groups out of it i have tried different ammo and i have tried tightinging the barrel it has a 1/7 twist stainless barrel amd from what i hear that is supposed to be better then the original, but i. cant seem to get it to group like i want i, even after tryingn multipel scopes, please help

What are your group sizes? What distance are you shooting? What ammo and grain?

Also I’m not very fimiliar with that rifle. What type of irons are on it if any?

i have shot 223 and 556 i have tried 55gr to 64gr i have tried remington 223 amd winchester and my grouping is about 2.5 3 moa and it throws fliers like every 3 shots

i also tried some civil defence out of it and it was decent but it was still throwing fliers

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I would bench it out from 50m, supported rest…Work off steady hold, breathing, trigger control and see what’s happening…Adjust fire. Move out to 100m and take your time…Work on same sight picture, center mass, steady hold, breathing, and squeeze trigger control…Most time pulls is anticipating break of trigger…Good luck and real nice setup…Best, PS

i recently put a drop in trigger in it and it tightened it up some but my buddies ak puts better groups at 200 yards with a red dot

Have you zeroed it with irons at all?

Stupid question. Have you made sure the barrel nut is tight?

It shouldn’t be, but I have had it happen on something that was supposed to be “test fired” from the mfg.

Good point. Specs are important regardless of what the interwebz say. Might wanna check this as well.

I still am curious, has this rifle been zeroed with back up iron sights? If so, how did that go and what brand?