I know this is an AR site, but

I am curious if anyone has any experience with the RIA/Armscore tcm22.

I have been looking for a 9mm 1911. Stumbled across the tcm 1911’s that come with both a 9mm, and a 22tcm barrel. Just looking to see if anyone has any experience with them.


Also, if it is an issue that it is non AR related, just lemme know. There isn’t really an off-topic area to put this in.

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Lol I almost posted a question about a Canik tp9v2 but I didn’t want to test the waters. Thanks for testing the waters. Lol.

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Yea, I figured it might not fly, but wasn’t sure. I think the 22TCM would be a sweet AR build too, but so far there haven’t been any done that I could find.

There is 22TCM9r, which can run in a Glock mag, so I think it might be do-able with a 9mm Glock style lower, but not sure.

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Ordered the pistol. Figured why not. Ammo isn’t really a great price @ .38/rd, more expensive than my other pistols, but newer round, only Armscor mfg for right now.

Got the 22tcm 1911. Shoots great, very accurate.

Also emits a most astounding fireball.


That’s a bad ass picture

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Thanks. I thought it was a pretty impressive fireball hahaha

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