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Since we are a builders forum here is a section for new comers to the AR platform. Many have asked the same questions over in over on how to’s or “what’s this part for”. Let this be a place where you can upload pics, share links and even add your own step by step how to’s to assemble an AR. Cleaning suggestions and what products you use to get the job done.


Exploded Diagram


Sweet. Thank you for posting this.




As a new Comer I really appreciate the info and experience everyone here shares. What lubes and cleaners do you recommend vs. what I would use for my bolt action hunting rifles?


I use regular old clp but I did try some BreakThrough Clean and it worked well. Debating on ordering more. The guys at the company seemed pretty cool and sent some extra goodies for no reason whatsoever.


Good information thanks for posting


I like balistol for everything. Works great for both cleaning and lube.