Is FB relevant anymore?


IMO, we could make this site great and not have to worry about the liberal logic that run FB. Pic for attention


If nothing else FB was useful in leading me here. On the political side of things it was “liberal logic” that has kept me armed for the last 40 years. If you’re old enough to remember shooting prior to the mid 70’s you know that guns never used to be polarized along party lines. Thank the John Birchers for changing all that at the '77 NRA convention. There are a lot more liberal/Democrats who embrace the 2A than you might guess. I’m no longer silent. I talk guns to my liberal friends and I make no secret of my politics at the range. I would venture to say that I’ve changed more minds since I came out of liberal gun closet than I could have with my silence. We can disagree on politics but that’s for another venue. The Second Amendment isn’t a partisan issue, it is the right of all of us. Let’s try to think of it in those terms in our responses.


Well said and I agree. I am by no means trying to start a political post, although lately anything involving firearms in a conversation ultimately leads that way one way or another. I’m just saying instead of constantly worrying about a said “trojan horse” who just merely wants to shut our page down, we can be more proactive and here. Honestly the firearm pages/forums are the only reason I still keep up with FB. Which be mindful that this is only my opinion and nothing more.


We would like to continue the group on facebook as well, but we know the inevitable is coming at some point. @DG93 is that your rifle? I really like the Troy hand guards.


I hate that its come to that but it is what it is. Either way yall have it covered and yes thats one of my personals! Tried to keep it somewhat simple but efficient


Nice build and very well put. I think it comes down to principals. We want a place where the community determines what we do and don’t want to discuss. Facebook is the opposite of that. On FB the community only gets to discuss what won’t be flagged by Facebook’s censorship algorithms. That is anti-free speech pure and simple. We’ve got 75k awesome members and I think we deserve a place where freedom reigns. That’s why we built this.

Thanks so much for coming over and showing your support. :facepunch: :us:


No problem. I just think we (gunowners) would be more effective as a united front.


Facebook served it’s purpose but online forums are a much better media for gun owners and 2nd Amendment action. Enjoy Facebook while you can but be sure to keep the fourms alive and well too!


the only reason i have not left FB is because of a few groups like this…its getting to where I can’t stomach it much anymore. I do still find it useful for reaching out to industry folks, but other than that I dont have much use for it anymore.


Well it’s a very convoluted situation.
Personally I come to Facebook to keep up with my various hobbies and my friends. Being that I’m a veteran. 2A is top priority in my book, so I support pages and sites like this. The censorship of discussion of the positive aspects and reality of the right to bear arms suddenly makes me persona non grata, so be it.
Right will prevail because of people like us. We and the hundreds of thousands like us will uphold the constitution of this country. What the left seems to forget; we are legion. We are 25%+ of the population and hold more arms and ammo, with the ability to produce more, than most third world countries.
The quote that comes to mind I actually saw on Facebook…When the shit goes down, watch out for the quiet guy. He’s about to sort some folks out. We are the silent majority. Our time is coming soon.
Molon Labe!


FWIW, I found a lot of censorship on 2A issues not from FB itself but by the moderators of closed groups. Framing the issue around left/right ideology is the stupidest thing the NRA ever did starting in '77. There are far more armed “liberals” than you think. Corporate media has made it a wedge issue to divide us. I’d go as far as to say that if the Democratic platform decided to fully embrace the meaning and history of the Second Amendment a lot of conservatives would jump ship and throw the GOP under the bus. Our problem isn’t left v right, it’s authoritarianism that runs across the entire political spectrum


IMO moving away from big internet is the only way to survive on the internet as gun enthusiasts. My business in the past year has been shown the door by Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and every major marketing platform, less Google. Solely because we sell gun parts, accessories, and ammo. It’s like watching the doctor hold his foot on the chest of a newborn.