Isn't Facebook violating our first amendment rights


Wouldn’t you agree Facebook is in violation to our first amendment rights?


UGH! I hate it when supporters of the 2nd Amendment show such ignorance of property rights.


You signed them away when you signed up


No, the 1st amendment pertains to freedom of speech from the Government


As a Corporation, they can create policies to limit what you can say. Unfortunately, they haven’t broken any laws, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck for what they are doing.
I am currently debating within my self if I continue to use Facebook at all going forward.


I’m also debating deleting my FB account.


What facebook did, and is doing is wrong. But it is a provate company, and they can do whatever they like. Unless you own a christian bakery that is. I think this is far from over. Okay, tin foil hat time.

What better way to segregate a specific group of people? (Firearm owners) Kick them all off of social media and watch them gather to another social media. Less filtering that way.


They put the Facebook version back, I called them out on being pansies and they turned us back on.


They should give up. They can’t win.

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