ISO adjustable gas block


556 pistol ejecting around 1 o’clock. Point me in the right direction for an adjustable gas block or perhaps a heavier buffer?


I haven’t tried their parts, but for $13 I think this one might be worth a try. Give a review if you use it!



I purchased one of these but I have not installed it yet. It is well made, shipping was fast, and customer service was excellent. The block is a little unusual in that it has a dual set screw design in which the point set screw is inserted first, then the short, blunt set screw goes in behind it. They are both in the same threaded hole so the first adjusts gas volume, and the second jams it in place. The manufacturer recommends starting with the point just visible in the gas port. It seems awkward to adjust but well made at a great price.


It looks like just a set screw with a plunger, if so be sure to use blue Loctite. not red, but blue


I stock the Odin Works adjustable gas block at


Thanks guys, I’m usually quite leary of $13 parts but not looking for $100 ones either…damn that Travis Hamlin for not stocking AGBs!


Check out Superlative Arms, they have an adjustable gas block. Faxon Firearms sells them so they obviously back them. You can also pick them up from them directly, Brownells, or Rainier Arms.


Yes, I wish Apoc had those in stock, and a 10.5 inch mlok pistol upper too, lol. Let us know how she’s ejecting after the install!


lol, ill put in a good word on those for you


Thanks buddy! That would be awesome!