Left-Handed Build Input

Looking to build a Left-Handed AR for one of my kids. What are some good options for the Upper?

Does any make a True Left-Handed lower?

Options to stay away from?

I built one using aeroprecisions ambi lower gen 2,norgon ambi mag catch and battle arms development ambidextrous safety. All my right handed friends think it’s awesome


For an out of the box ready upper, Stag. Comes complete with lefty BCG.

I am a lefty, and normally just set my lowers up for myself. Ambi parts make it work well Imo.


Myself being a true south paw in my opinion it’s a waste of money and a sales tactic to get your money. I bought a stag arms upper they have a tone of options. All my guns since that first build have been right handed with a ambi safety. In my opinion that makes a right handed gun south paw friendly.

What the brass ejecting in front of your face.

The guns are designed to eject the brass out and away from u. If it’s hitting u there’s an issue with the gun. If your worried about that you can always get a brass catch.

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