Lets talk weight

After assembling my billet NorGuard build, I got bored. Weighed it. 6.9 lbs (only bathroom scale, so likely not exact).

But I got to thinking, so I weighed another build, it came it at almost 12 lbs. It did seem heavy, but now seems really heavy compared to the NorGuard build.

The other build does have a 1-4 scope, and forward grip, but it always seemed heavy. I can’t imagine the 1-4x scope weighs more than 1 lb with rings, and the forward grip is plastic, can’t weigh more than 3 oz. I am sure the fat ass weight is from the cheap handguard that came with that upper.
Both builds are using KNS pins, and the same trigger from Rise Armament, same Hogue grip… Buffers should be within 1/2 oz per spec from Spikes. Same MFT stock too.

The NorGuard build I did use a Ti muzzle brake, and gas block, but I was only trying to combat what everyone said was a heavy barrel nut with the type of handguard I had used.

Currently have parts ordered to do a socom barrel build, thinking I might aim for a slightly lesser weight just based on the barrel vs the barrel I used in the NorGuard build.

So strictly out of curiosity, what is an “AVERAGE” weight on a build?

7-8 lbs is pretty normal, the Sig 516/716 piston uppers weigh more than most complete rifles. If you’re looking to do a lightweight build, a pencil bbl can shave a lot of weight, & avoid pistons


I’m liking the idea of a lightweight build too. I’ve been looking at the Faxon GUNNER profile. The 16" is 1.28lbs vs 1.2lbs and that .08 is rear of the gas block.


I bought a RRA 16" pencil bbl upper from a friend. With the bcm handguard, it is by far the lightest AR I have. I’ve been thinking about doing a lightweight build for myself, since that one was bought/built for my son

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