Most Accurate Barrel?


What are the most accurate (sub moa) 18" AR barrel?


I use a lot of Ballistic Advantage! I’m getting .25 -.45 MOA out of both their 5.56 18" and their 6.5CM barrels.


I have seen reviews for Midway’s branded “Stoner” barrels getting sub MOA groups with worked up ammo as well as Bear Creek arsenal, which may be who supplies the “Stoner” barrels. So if you don’t want to spend a fortune you might want to try one. I have one on a 20" rifle that you can shoot 10 rounds and cover it with a dime at 100 yards.


I looked at Ballistic Advantage and their 18" fluted, rifle length gas tube, the weight comes in good and it has a Wylde chamber looks good. Now I’ll check out the Stoner barrels.


This was my last group at 100 yards with the 6.5CM barrel using a Creative Arms CAARB10 platform, QD Suppressor, and Swarovski optic.


Ballistic Advantage Barrels get a lot of love and seem to perform well although when I bore scoped one of their 14.5" .223 Wylde premium series fluted barrels there were visible defects or “scars” in the bore. I scoped 5 or 6 different barrels that day, all from different manufacturers and this one was the worst. That said I don’t know much about interpreting images from the bore. Here are some screen shots:

ODIN Works Barrels are manufactured from McGowen Blanks and are known to be quite accurate.

We’ve also had great results from Faxon Barrels. We had a 14.5" Flame Fluted Match Series group like this with hand loads:


Yes, I’m sure at least most of those AR Stoner barrels are BCA. If you get a good barrel from BCA it will perform well. And they are super cheap. Some don’t like steel case ammo though.


After looking at all my choices for my SPR with an 18" barrel I went ahead and got a Ballistic Advantage premium fluted barrel. The weight, rifle length gas, and the price compared to other barrels helped my decision. I’ll post pictures of the build and pictures of the group results
I hope to have sub moa.


@Wally316 I’d suggest a Fortis MFG muzzle brake with it. It smooths out recoil even more. But great choice for a barrel, you won’t be disappointed. What trigger group are you going to be using?


I have a Hiperfire 3G trigger for this build. It’s my personal favorite. I have other premium triggers and tried others that I don’t have and this is the best for me. The intended use of this build I prefer a flash hider over a break and I really like the Wilson Combat AccuTac.