My 1st build, upper first, suggestions?

I’m finally taking the AR itch and want to build. I’m starting with the upper…either complete or suggestions of build pieces. Post your comments, reviews, suggestions, or beer choices while building. Thank you for your expertise. Best, PS

Bueller…Anyone??? Goggle search mode activated

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Obviously the big names will be said. I have become a huge fan of apoc armory. My favorite rifle is an apoc build. I have a couple builds and it is the one I take to carbine classes. Haven’t had an issue yet. After my plug for them (no I don’t work for them, just a fan boy) I would say spikes, bcm and sons of liberty gun works if you have deep pockets. I dig aero precision as well.

Yes, apoc is a good start. Liking the paladin spiral fluted upper.

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I think a lot depends on what you’re looking for, quality-wise. I just finished my build using a billet (instead of forged) upper and lower set from Mega Arms and I couldn’t believe the difference in quality (material, color, overall looks). Honestly, I was shocked when comparing it to my forged Spikes lower. No comparison. Plus, being a billet set, they go together flawlessly. Just my 2 cents.

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My 1st build budget is anywhere from$500-800. After that I should get the one I want DD or Sig 516. Comments?

On your first build do not skimp on quality parts! Get yourself a quality lower parts set. For a nice USMC Approved combat trigger group the ALG ACT trigger is a nice trigger that only runs about $70 and breaks like a glass rod with out much creep. It is predictable and once you get to know it you will cone to love it. Timiney is great but you you will pay for the adjustability. From there you can upgrade in the future as your budget and preferences change and you get to know your rifle. Go with an Aero upper and lower. For a bit more they have an enhanced upper and hand guard that is fantastic but figure on spending about $250. That’s about Standars good quality hand guards. Gun broker dot com is a good place to find a deal on them but also ask at your local shops price wise. An FNH barrel is a great choice for a first build and you won’t be disappointed with accuracy or out grow it their double chrome kind barrels will last just about forever. For those you can look at Palmetto State Armory IThinh the are the CHF series. You will find machine gun steel and double chrome lined in the description. They are even stamped with the FNH logo and not Palmetto State Armory just get the barrel and not a complete upper as their quality and coustomer service has started to slip a bit. But there uppers are Cerro forgings. Stay away from Anderson’s they not mil spec. Just my recommendations. On the Daniel defense and the Sig both are flawless machines but my choice would be the Sig. I have both But the Sig just is a little bit smoother and accurate right out of the boxbut I would bet my life on either one. Just my two cents

Andersons are milspec. I like everything else you said about FN barrel and aero uppers and lowers. The good news is there are plenty of quality manufacturers today. That’s great for the consumer.

What’s a good site for the lower/upper parts kits???Recommendations?

New here. JUST started building my first as well. I expect my APOC complete upper in a day or two. Im looking for a lower and the guys at my local shop are telling me to go Wydndam or PSA given my budget. Ill let ya all know how the APOC looks out of the box. Never owned an AR and ALMOST bought a SW AR 22 but friend talked me out of it. Said “build a 556 slowly” then get a conversion if u really need/want it." so glad I decided to wait!