Need category for restricted state topics

Can we plz get a category for ca/ny/etc. related topics for compliance conversations

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Sure we will add one

thanks! don’t want to bother all the free state folks with our problems :slight_smile:

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No they just tell us to move. Like it’s that easy or simple. What they do not understand is that when the battle is lost in one state than all others are vulnerable to the same conditions and terms. What should be happening is that the rest of the nation should be coming to our defense in order to protect their rights and not have a “it can’t happen here” attitude.
All it takes is for precedents is one state and more follow. This is what is happening in Ca, NY, No and others. When one state sets precedent others play off them and it sets off a giant ( excuse the term but for lack of a better one) circle jerk with all playing off each other. When you have the two largest states in population ( and libratardism) than you have a problem the entire country should respond to
Sorry. Leaving my soap box.

I’ve been say the same thing for years now. Yet look what happened when CRPA & NRA won the magazine fight here in San Deigo. Everybody was happy to hear about it.