New 300 blackout build help for 1st timer


I would like to try a 300 blackout build with a 16” barrel. I need it to be 16” because of state law. So my question is should I use a pistol or carbine length gas tube and should I use a 1:7 or 1:8 twist?


From what I’ve read and asked it depends on sub or supersonic with or without a suppressor. I was told Pistol for length for sub. I built my rifle shoots a carbine because I don’t have a stamp. The government knows enough about me already.


@Jmcimino I’d run a Carbine length gas tube, it will run a bit more smoothly than a pistol length. I’d also agree with @RicoCST2018 it depends on what you are running as far as sub or super but you could always use an adjustable gas block to get it just right for your loads. I personally use a lot of the 1:7 and they seem to run great.


If you are not set on building the upper I just checked and Bear Creek Arsenal has full uppers rifles from $183.99 including the BCG and Charging handle. Shipping is not included! Bear creek may not be upper echelon but my rifle runs lawlessly,