New here, can't join enough gun forums. ;)

Hey guys. I can’t believe I found another AR forum to join!! I live out near Charleston, SC. I’ve been buying, shooting, building and occasionally flipping AR’s for about 10 years now. All using manufactured parts of course, but hoping to start working with 80% parts this year. Currently I’m reworking a .300 AAC Blk and a 20" 5.56 rifle and I’m building my dad a 6.8 SPC that will be his new deer rifle. He’s a bolt gun guy so I’m converting him. :wink: He will still have wood furniture though. Here’s one of my builds since that’s all I can upload as a newbie. It’s a 6.5 Grendel.



Another Grendel and a camo Remington R-25 .270 changed over to .308.


Great looking builds glad to have you

Noice builds…Welcome from Gettysburg Pa

York Pa here bro and welcome

You have some nice looking rifles there. What companies side charging upper do you use? Been toying with the idea of a side charging upper for my daughters rifle. Has it given you any problems?

The upper and bolt carrier are from Eisenach Arms and are awesome! Cycles really well and gives the option of using the side charger or the regular charging handle if needed. The side handle comes off easy to disassemble as well. If you like shooting from the prone I recommend it.

Awesome looking rifle! Who do u get your 6.5 Grendel barrel & Bolt from?

The barrel is from Saturn. It’s a Grendel II 5R button rifled barrel. They are the best, in my opinion. The bolt are made by Maxim Firearms. Again, awesome. I’ve gotten a few through group buys over at the MSR Hunt forum. Craig gets us pretty great deals.

Nice setup. Looks like something I want to build later.