New to building. Starting slow

Going to start my first build. I have decided on a spikes tactical lower. Once I get that done I’ll do the upper. Going to take my time and do it slowly so maybe the wife won’t find out.


Good luck with her not finding out. I tried that and now I’m building two. One for me and one for her. :slight_smile: have fun with it and good luck.


Oh, trust me…if she doesn’t already know…she’ll find out. they have a way of seeing you with a little gleam in your eye, some extra jump in your step…happiness that she can’t quite explain. First she’ll start going through your phone text messages and phone calls…checking the bank statements for odd purchases…then, accuse you of cheating on her. Eventually, she’ll guilt you into confessing to things you never even did. Good luck!! Lol


Dont even try. Brown suit santa will snitch on you every time!


You can change the delivery once it’s shipped. Then you pick it up at the UPS store instead.

Right!! And a pistol, and an AR 10, and we are broke. Lol

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It could be worse…:blush:

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We call these “she” guns, “She dont need to know” Guns :smile:

But honestly, my wife is ok with my firearm sickness, after 20 something weapons in the safes all she asks is " is that one for hunting too?"

Good luck with your build!

My wife is fine after I buy it and can’t take it back! What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!

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Hey, I’m a “Brown Suit Santa”… I ain’t gonna say anything but “nice parts, whatcha building”?


What cha building??? Happy wife, happy life…Nothing rhymes with husband…lol