New to the AR- First time build

Hello all,

As stated in the title I’m new to the AR building, Im here to read and learn. I figured I should make at least one post rather than just be a ghost.

Ive shot plenty of my friends on outings but have never had an interest in owning one until recently. I currently only have a receiver and am searching for the other parts and just reading descriptions on websites of what is included does absolutely nothing. I don’t know what is good or bad or what parts work well together. So I hope to gain some knowledge so Im not wasting money.

Also I prefer to build things as my friends just told me to go buy one. Im the type of person that would take it apart and put it back together anyhow. So we shall see how this goes.

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I’m no expert. I have put five together, one I bought a complete upper. the rest I put together. Midway USA has some good videos on assembly. Good tools are a must in my book. Midway’s videos tells you the tools you need for each step.

It goes like the saying. You get what you pay for. Cheaper kit’s do work, but my experience, there is more gritty and rough function. The best lower parts kit I’ve bought was a Luth AR kit. I also have bought mil-spec lower parts kit from Anderson, Black Rifle Depot, and AR Stoner. They all worked, but the AR Stoner seemed gritty. I see a lot people like Aero Precision. From comments I’ve read, Aero Precision is the most popular for the money.

I would go to Aero for my upper for my upper receiver. Ballistic Advantage or Aero for your barrel. I like the Anderson stainless lower parts kit. That will get you started. As far as stocks and handgaurds, there are hundreds of possibilities. Find what you like. JSE , Midway,Prime, are a couple places to look. I like Acme Machine for my handgaurds. They are really priced right and they look great.