Newbie....well no, issued a M-4 by Uncle Sam...Upcoming build

Had a Issued M-4 for many years that served me well…Retired Army and have other rifles, Rem 700, Browning, Savage to hunt and plinker with…have THAT itch to finally build one, since my nephew thinks he can out shoot me…Not. Glad to be here and eager to learn from the avid-addicted members that has more than one build. Best, PS.


Welcome aboard friend

Thanks for the welcome, glad to be here…Looking forward to my first build and shooting the rifle that I had to carry day in and day out during my deployment days

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Hi, I’ve built several ARs they’re all M4geries, two 5.56mm and one 22LR. I would go to the Brownell’s website and look at thier stuff first, the best book I’ve found for walking you through a build (and I’ve got more than three to pick from) is “The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide” by Walt Kuleck and Clint McKee. There is a newer version of the book out but I don’t think it really improves on anything. The biggest irritation in doing this is buying a bunch of tools you may only use once.

Thanks Andy, if and when I procure the whole parts&pieces together, can my local LGS put it together??? If they have tools available? Thanks again

I would build it, it really isn’t that hard. I would simply find someone locally who’s done a build and get together with them and either borrow or rent their tools. You may want to buy a completed upper, that tends to be the fussyist part of the build. But I think you should take the time to put the lower together, especially working the trigger group can be informative and it’s not that demanding. I’ve found the ALG ACT trigger to be good for what I’m doing. The CMMG lower parts kit (Gun builder kit without the trigger group) is a good package and most guys pick out a different grip than the issue, but if you want an issue grip I’ll send you one for the cost of postage from my collection of spare parts.

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