Palmetto state armory barrel nut stuck

My barrel nut is seized quite tight on my upper… it will not break loose even after over 90 ft/lbs of pressure applied… what are some tricks to get it off?

Hey @keatonl134, thanks for the question. Sorry for the delayed response, we’re still getting the forum setup. Hopefully we can have someone in here to give you some feedback in a couple of hours.

You can try slowly heating it up with a heat gun or heat source, while turning your wrench

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Use a small propane torch and heat for a short time then break it loose.

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If you don’t have a torch use a hairdryer it just takes a little longer

Hair Dryer won’t get it hot enough, a Heat gun may, but best bet is some sort of flamed heat source.

Go to home depot and but a plumbers propane kit. Like $10 comes with propane and nozzle. if you do any kind of wrenching AR or car well worth the $

^^This. A propane torch can be very handy.

^^^ agreed I use mine for everything!