Palmetto state arms

Dose anyone have any experience with palmetto state arms, the product’s they sale, and the company in general?

Reddit user - this has been dozens of people’s experience:

Great daily deals.
Good turn around, they won’t duck you around for a month.
Absolute shit site security. Use a generated credit card number app.

I’ve ordered 2 complete lowers from them. Both were blems but I couldn’t find any blems on them. Fit nice on my uppers and function perfectly. Couldn’t beat the price 129.00 free shipping. Showed up at my ffl in less then a week. Also have ordered ammo a few times. Wiuld definitely order from again.

I bought all the parts to build my ar from them except the stripped lower. Great deals if you are patient and faster ship time than advertised. Only thing i would suggest is get the LPK with the polished trigger. I have had reset issues with the trigger that came in their standard LPK. Otherwise great products and experience.

I have purchased quite a few things from palmetto state armory.
Shipping is hit or miss as far as speed.
I have purchased an FN barrel (premium m4 barrel) and I like it a lot. I also have a premium BCG but it was out of spec but they quickly replaced it for me. They have great deals on many items. They also have a wide array of uppers and lowers and I’m sure plenty of guys on here have more experience with them.

What exactly were you looking at buying?

I have purchased a blemished lower, complete upper, and few odd and end things with no problems in shipping or product quality.

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I’ve bought a few parts here and there from them. Some from a physical store in South Carolina some from online. All stuff has been great. There is a trend of credit card info getting stolen when ordering from them though so use a burner card just to be safe. I’ve never had an issue personally.

Pretty much everything but the lower and the mag lock

Thia is the one im getting

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Looks good. I personally don’t care for the mil spec stock and grip, but that’s me.
Share a photo when complete.

It had the the upper features I wanted and was a complete kit. From what Iv read the grips, stocks, sights, and triggers are some of the first thing swapped out. So I didnt want to spend alot there just to swap out parts anyway. Pluse once i get enough spares i have a reason to build will get a few up when done

Excellent thinking! I’m trying to collect extra parts to be able to do another build a little on down the road.

I haven’t bought anything from them whether their name brand, or other that wasn’t a great product. Of course, I just have to drive across town to get to them, plus one of there barrel suppliers is here as well. I get all my small parts there instead of online now. My local store has great staff and a super nice range inside. Needless to say, my wife was not happy when they opened so close to home. :wink:
Lately they’ve been running pistol/AR combo sets but I haven’t been able to grab one yet due to big move. Great company!

Wound up getting a blem lower from them too it was the beat deal I could find on a lower

finished my palmeto state build everything fit perfect only rattle is from the butt stock and even that is minimal shoots great put about a hundred rounds through with no issues.

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