Pistol, sbr, or regular rifle?

I was wanting to build an AR with :
Ace ultra light fixed stock rifle length
10.5” carbine gas system barrel w a2 flash hider
Oal length would be 32”
It would be intended to shoulder fire to 200-250m max range. Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community! If you have the time and money to SBR it then that sounds like a really nice combination. A 10.5” barrel will get you out to those distances but lethality will diminish quickly beyond 250m.

If you’re not going to run a suppressor and want something super light. You could go with the Faxon Gunner 14.5 with the permanently attached flash hider that gets you to 16” legal barrel. You’ll have something really light and very accurate but you won’t have to worry about the SBR and you’ll get some meaningful increase in velocity from the extra barrel length. With that ACE stock this might be a really well balanced build.

Hope that helps!