Please help.. new AR 10 build issue


I am putting together an AR 10 and it looks like everything is fitting well except… if I leave the BCG and charging handle out the upper and lower fir well and the close up nicely… the problem is that when I put the BGC and changing handle in, the take down pin wont go in. the charging handle keeps the upper from getting close enough to the lower to allow the take down pin to go in… how can I fix this? any help would be greatly appreciated… thanks in advance,


At first glance, I would suspect a compatibility issue between the upper, lower and charging handle. If the upper and lower come from the same manufacturer, the charging handle will be your concern.
Without getting into what is or isn’t within a various specification, you’ll need to use parts that the manufacturers intended to be used together.
So, who made what?


pictures would help, @scottybaccus is on to the right answer. I’d suspect that there is a compatibility issue between the upper and lower. what upper, lower, BCG & Charging Handle are you running?


Check the length of your gas tube, especially if you’re running an intermediate system. It’s not a standardized length and there are 3 that I know of. If you have a longer tube in a system intended for the shortest of intermediate systems the tube can prevent the bolt from going forward enough to clear the back of the receiver. Been there, done that.