Polymer lower pros and cons


I am getting ready to jump in to the build game and want to do a simple and clean budget build just to get the experience. This rifle will be nothing more then a platform to learn the art and also to learn reloading, Baby steps. I am researching the pros and cons of polymer lowers and would love any help experienced polymer users could give.


Be careful with your drill when doing the side holes. It’s not like drilling metal where you have to apply pressure continuously. The drill bit will be pulled into the polymer quickly. Alignment of the trigger is very critical. I had to make some repair to hole on mine. Waiting for upper assy. to find out if it will work. Just be careful


cons- upper and lower fitment can be okay at best. There is usually ALOT of flex between upper and lower which can lead to lower accuracy at distance.

Like @Bookumdanno said, finishing out a lower can be difficult if you are not experienced in machining.

Pros- it can be a cheaper alternative, especially since there is not a lot pressure being placed on the lower.


I’ve built two using the New Frontier Arsenal carbon fiber lowers, a .223 Wylde and a 300 HAM’R. So far I’m happy with how they work and how light they are. I bought a few more of their lowers since. They’re on sale now for $27.