President Trump; Friend or Foe to the gun industry?

According to USA Today, Trump is getting in and changing the nation’s gun laws, but is he helping or hurting the industry?

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I have noticed a 30% drop in sales and have watched a few bigger companies go under since he was put into office. Obama was the best gun salesman in the past 20 my years! Don’t get me wrong i am glad he is out POTUS but hes bad for the gun business.

What’s he doing to the gun business? I thought he was making it easier for us?

When Obama was president everyone was in fear they would lose their firearms. Now that Trump is in that fear is gone.

The title is misleading, he didn’t reverse the order for mentally ill folks, he reversed it cuz of the taking away from mentally SOLID citizens of ‘advanced’ (retired or disabled) age!
If it was worded for that specific purpose it would never have been an issue.
My guns were confiscated during my divorce, and the Ex never signed for them (I was not there when they took them)
So afterwards, when I went to get them, they claimed they never took them, cuz I had no receipt.
Am am now disabled due to a back injury and they were gonna take them again because I am physically disabled from Obama’s decree?
Nope, wasn’t gonna happen this time… The courts have overstepped their bounds.
Tagging one law onto another in order to get it passed, cuz the other law is beneficial is NOT making things right, it is subverting the will of the PEOPLE!