Pro-Reload bad .223 ammo


I purchased 500+ rounds of .223 from a company called Pro-Reload. After waiting more than a month for my order to ship, a friend and I went to the range to try some out. He stated that the first few rounds sounded louder than usual. The next round locked my bolt up tight in battery. After spending nearly 3 hours with a hard plastic punch, a small brass hammer and a brass rod, I got the bolt loose and removed. I found the primer pierced and out of the pocket. Brass was extruded into the ejector hole and under the extractor. The case was bulged all the way around the base. Brass was inside the bolt in the ejector cavity and the piece from the primer was inside the firing pin channel. Showing every sign of excessive pressure there is. I e-mailed the company and got a notice that they received my e-mail. That was it. Nothing else from them. I e-mailed them 2 more times. No further response from them. I now have 500+ rounds I don’t dare to shoot. I recommend to not do any business with this guy.


Just figured out how to add pictures. These are some ugly ones too.


If you’re a reloader, the bright side is that you now have 500+ brass casings in which to reload. Pull the bullet, dump the powder and replace the primers. I have a firm rule not to buy reloads no matter how good of a deal they are offering.

Your pics came up while I was commenting- Dang- that is some seriously nasty looking stuff. I’m thinking you got off easy with a locked up bolt.

Safe shooting!


Even though they are licensed just like a commercial producer, theys guys are dangerous. I have learned my lesson. I have reloaded in the past mostly 9mm, .357mag and .44mag. I am ordering .223 dies and a good bullet puller. Good excuse to get back in the reloading swing of things. I replaced my BCG just to be on the safe side although it looks like my rifle wasn’t damaged. Could have been much worse.


I never got ammo from them. I ordered, waited…waited…emailed…no reply…another email…no reply…3rd, 4th emails and no reply…I just cancelled. I know a guy who ordered and received the ammo, he had issues too. They never approved his review on their website. BEWARE


Good red flag, thanks for sharing.


Update. I finally got a reply from Pro-Reload. Said that he answered my e-mails, although I didn’t get his answers. Anyway, I sent him better pictures and he wants to fix this. I will keep you all informed of what happens from here.


So it’s Christmas Eve and the wife and kids are in watching a stupid movie and I’m flipping through emails when I come across this post. Upon reading it I realize that I need to check something.
On December 16 2016 I received 1000 of 55 grain .223 reloads from Pro-Reloader after 6 weeks of waiting and three emails. Thank god that the weather is crappy because I have not had a chance to fire any of these rounds. I just read this post so I went out to the garage and pulled five random rounds, pulled the bullets and weighed the powder charge. The charges weighed between 31.9 and 32.2 grains of powder and the cases where very full. The highest load I will load is 26.2 ofgrains of H-335 for a 55 grain bullet. I’m not sure what powder they’re using but what ever it is this is one heavy load and could very easily damage a rifle and cause injury to someone.
Thank you very much for posting this heads up I really appreciate it and the possible injuries that it could May have saved me from.
I now have 995 rounds to pull the bullets from in reload starting at 23.5 grains of powder reloading and chronograph thing to find the proper load for.
Willard Walker


Here is what Pro-Reload responded to me about their reloads. "We use Accurate 2230 as our powder, which is clearly a reputable American made powder. The charge we pack is 22.3 grains, which has been extensively tested. " What you discovered in your lot of reloads from them sure is a lot different and way over what the max load should be for this powder. Something is bad wrong here.


I just ordered a new powder scale. I am going to pull some bullets, now that I know what powder was used and weigh some charges. I think I know what I will find. I contacted the manufacturer of my rifle and sent them pictures. They recommended that I replace the complete upper to be on the safe side. They also offered to speak to the people at Pro-Reload if I needed them to. Still no more communication from Pro-Reload. I will give them the consideration that it is the holidays. After the first of the year, I had better start hearing from them.


I ordered 540 rnds from Pro - Reload on Nov 22 / 16 and by what i was told with my confirmation number i figured around the 2nd week in December.
around the 1st week in December I checked the status of my order and i saw that orders numbers higher than mine were being shipped , so I contacted Isaac about it and he gave me a long story and asked for a few more days to get it out.
I said ok before Christmas would be fine.
On the 27 th I contacted him again and asked for a refund because after reading a few reviews here and seeing a video Buyers Beware ! I didn’t feel comfortable with useing his ammo.
Isaac gets back with me and says he has thousands of happy customers and has shot many thousands of rounds with not so much a miss fire.
I said sorry it didn’t work out just please refund my money by Friday afternoon the 30th cause at 5 pm I’ll be at my bank and if I don’t see my 153 .00 I’ll have no choice but to open a dispute.
I get a notification From pro Reload Friday before noon that my order has Shipped !
Well I responded with a WTF ! Went to the bank filed the dispute, told to not accept delivery of the package and it just goes back to him.
my banks giving me my money as a courtesy while they make his life hell for the next 45 days.
I suggest to anyone else who’s having the same problem do the same, just make sure you have copies of all your correspondence.


Got my new scale. I weighed all the rounds and from that I pulled the 40 heaviest rounds. All powder charges weighed within .2gr of his stated load of 23.3gr. That is a good load according to the Accurate 2230 load data for a FMJ 55gr bullet. I am at a loss to explain my problem other than it was a one round fluke. I may just randomly pull some more and see what I find. Whatever I do, I will stick to factory loaded rounds from now on. Anyone think too much oil in the chamber or barrel could cause this. Most of what I have read says no.


In response to an earlier post I had made Christmas Eve after reading some of the reviews. I have pulled over 600 rounds apart and measured roughly every tenth round. Some that looked heave I measured the entire box. I have found powder measures between 31.2 grains at the highest and 18.9 at the lowest most are avariging around 22.9 grains but there was four boxes that where all above 29 grains of powder.
I don’t know what kind of machinery that they are using or what quality control they have but somebody’s going to end up being seriously injured with this ammunition and when that happens there’ll be a lot of people that can back up the fact that their ammunition was seriously defective.


Thanks for your reply Wwalker. I have decided that I will NOT fire any of these rounds. I am going to pull and measure all of them. I will reload them with new powder at the proper charge. The owner of Pro-Reload said that they use Accurate 2230 but at this point I don’t even want to reuse his powder because I can’t be sure. Just safer to use my powder. I know that there is a problem from the round that locked my rifle up. I just haven’t been able to prove it yet. I am sure I will find similar results that you found when I pull them all. And finding two rounds with the bullets in backward shows me that they have poor quality control. I have since bought a new complete upper to be on the safe side and no more of their crap.Here are some better pictures.


Good pixs…Good luck.


I ordered 500 rounds of .223 ammo. I took about 2 months to get. I also received email from Isaac Lay talking about holidays and equipment malfunctions as the reason for the shipping delay. When I received the ammo, I loaded all of my mags and went to the range. I had 2 misfire/jams just in the first 30 round mag. I have had 1 misfire/jam in the second mag that is now sending me to a gunsmith which may cost me a boat load of money in labor and replacement parts. Steer clear of this company!!!


Let us know what your gunsmith finds out. I am curious to see pictures also if possible. I haven’t proven that mine are overloaded yet, but I am getting ready to pull all my 500+ rounds and weigh the powder charge. I want proof so I can get my money back for ammo and repair of my rifle. I replaced my complete upper from advice from the maker of my rifle. I have saved all receipts and waiting for results of my findings. Thanks for posting your experience.


Is it too late to consider contacting your Credit Card Company and registering a complaint against as well as a Stop Payment on the card?
THAT would get their attention along with hammering them BY NAME on every social media venue out there including as as many chat rooms you can find.
Word of mouth about a POS company that sells a DANGEROUS product can be a VERY motivating tool in your arsenal.
Think about all the folks you would be helping, too, to say nothing about maybe saving someone from being hurt by using their crap.
You might even put in a call to the BATFE to see if they can suggest some legal remedies through them.
It might be worth a try.
Good Luck and glad to learn no injury to you from those lousy reloads.


This was an old post. The turd-bag Issac Lay has closed the company “Pro-Reload”, opened another reloading company and has since closed that one. Here is a little information about another scam he had going on. He is real piece of crap. I messed around too long and never got my money back. I did spread the word around the net. Found lots of other people that he screwed also.