Reloading blocks

I’ve just started making some reloading blocks and was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on what I should charge for these? They are 2 sided with basic .223 etc. on one side and .308 on the other. Made out of redwood or redwood with exotic veneer. 5-1/2" wide x 11" long with 135 holes for .223 and 112 holes for .308.
The reason I started making them was to declutter the loading bench and to make it easier to load 100 plus rounds at a sitting. I’ll post pictures of them when I figure out how to upload them to this site!


What do they cost you to make insofar as materials? How long does it take and what is your time worth?

About $4 and 1-1/2 hours on the laminated ones and $2.75 and 1 hour on the plain ones.
These are cnc machined on the holes and engraving and hand routed on the edges then hand rubbed with butcher block conditioner (beeswax and mineral oil).
I’m retired, so my time is really precious!

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Those look nice I really like them I would be interested in one

Based on an internet search I saw several people charging between $20-35 for wooden blocks that hold 100 rounds.