Reloading info/help

Just in case anyone out there was afraid to get into reloading because they thought it would be to hard or complex, I wanted to share this video to show there is nothing to be afraid of. Also proof us 2A supporters aren’t sexist…

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By gosh, she makes it look easy. Surely the rest of us should be able to do it. Good job!

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Thanks! Obviously there is more involved that whats in the video but you get the idea. I have compiled a list of everything needed to get started with reloading on our website

For those of us in CA the only way to get easy/cheap access to ammo is going to be through reloading unless the recent ammo laws get repealed.

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Thats great, I think all kids should learn what goes into a bullet instead of just pulling the trigger. I have had my sons start reloading since they were 5,

this press is on sale again at Amazon. normally it’s $40 but they have it for about $26.

its a basic single stage that can handle 308, but its a great press to get into reloading with or to have as a dedicated decap or crimp station.

I would highly recommend snagging this up or their anniversary kit up. Has practically everything minus the dies to reload a particular caliber and reloading data. Alliant offers free access to their reloading data online and you can request a book for free.

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thanks @zayne2000!!! i was not aware of the free book from Alliant, went and ordered one

here is a link to amazon with the search for all the lee reloading kits on sale:

It takes them a bit to get it to you but because I use all Alliant Powder, I use that manual more than my copy of Lee Precision Modern Reloading.

For the impatient ones you can download it but its always good to have some old fashioned non battery powered backups just in case :wink:

Its a free reloading manual. I dont mind waiting 3-4 weeks