Scope with BTR reticle

I shot some of my new builds today. One of them has a Bushnell 1-4x with throwdown mag lever.

I don’t really like the btr reticle. I also don’t like that it is super tiny at 1x, then at 4x it still isn’t that great at longer distances. Maybe it is just that I am used to crosshairs.

Anyone else ever shot with a btr reticle? Like it? Hate it?

I was using Freedom Munitions ammo at first, switched to PMC, that made a difference in accuracy, which I had expected. Was still getting decent groups for a brand new rifle. Maybe it is just I am getting older and vision isn’t what it used to be.

So, I did some research. I think my main issue was ffp vs sfp.

I am used to sfp scopes.