Should Gun Ownership be Mandated?




Simple answer - no, you shouldn’t force anyone to do anything against their will. Especially in the sense of government mandates.

Don’t get me wrong, I may or may not carry daily and obviously there may or may not be firearms in my home, for protection reasons, to stop my family, my property and myself from becoming one of these statistics. I just don’t see how we could force someone who wants nothing to do with a firearm to own a firearm, just like I wouldn’t force anyone to pray or force anyone to pay for shitty government healthcare.

Love the topic though.


You can force someone to be armed but you can’t give them the mindset it takes to be competent and responsible. That’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a great idea in theory but the reason it probably works in Kennesaw is that folks there are more likely to to be amenable to gun ownership. I doubt it would work in many other places.


There’s a small town in southern Utah close to Zion National Park. To buy a firearm in Utah you have to pass a background check. To buy a home in this town you have to own a firearm.


That doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a pretty blatant move to exclude people from buying homes for mistakes made in their past that continue to bar them from gun ownership. Even if they passed a NICS, not everyone is suited to gun ownership and I’d rather they not be forced into something they aren’t equipped to use safely and responsibly. I’m guessing this “small town” will be a target of a few lawsuits that they’ll undoubtedly lose.


They know going in the requirments. They except them and infact embrace them. You must understand, this is remote Southern Utah and a very small town. No more than 200 people. Probally less than 50 homes. Most are members of the Mormon church. Raised hunting and fishing with a love of the outdoors. And quite frankly, I doubt very much they would care about your objections. They would tell you that If you don’t like it, you’re free to move somewhere else.


You’re missing the point. I don’t have a problem with unanimous gun ownership but requiring such as a policy violates a lot of fair housing laws. Banks that finance these homes could be liable. It could jeopardize the homeowner’s ability to profit from his equity. Kennesaw GA passed a law in '82 requiring the head of household to own a firearm but didn’t make it a requirement for home ownership. Kennesaw’s proximity to Atlanta would have nipped such a move in the bud. I wish everybody had the intelligence and good judgement to be responsible gun owners. As an RSO I see too many gun owners lacking those qualities as it is. To force it on someone who knows they don’t have the skills and mindset is in fact the government on your back taking away your liberty to choose.


I didn’t miss the point. It wouldn’t work in most areas. And laws try to out right prevent it. I got it.
My father hated guns. He wouldn’t have one in the house… had fits when I brought one home. Thankfully grandpa only lived a short bike ride away. Can you picture a 9 year old riding a bike through the neighborhood with a rifle strapped to the handle bars today? Grandpa let me could keep them there with his. He grew up hanging out in J.M. Brownings work shop.
My Dad also didn’t lock the doors at night. I really don’t think we had a key. Cars sat in the driveway, keys in the ignition. Sure not like where I’m at now. My point is there are still places out there that embrace the old values. Where you don’t need to lock the doors And it’s a shame there being regulated out of existence by people MAKING IT BETTER FOR EVERYONE.