Takedown and pivot pin question

I recently purchased extended takedown and pivot pins from tacticalexpressions.com after seeing a member here mentioning them. I have searched for a simple way of swapping them, and I found several other forums linking a video that claims to do this with just a safety pin and the new extended pins and no other tools. The problem is the link to the video is a dead link or the video was taken down. Bear in mind I’m a noobie to ars and I hope this is not a completely asinine question. Thanks for any help.

Your trying to remove the old pins and having issues?

Not having issue really, just every guide I found states removing the buffer, stock, etc and I don’t currently have the.correct tools to do so. I found a few links to a video that was taken down, and it states in the video description all the used was a safety pin and the new extended takedown/pivot pin.

Might be able to use a dental pick to hold the pin back and slide out the pin

Thanks for the tip, worked on the front but looks like I cant use the same method on the rear, guess I’ll just have to break down and get an armorers wrench