Thank you for doing this


I think it’s awesome what you guys are doing. This forums members have been the most helpful than any other groups members. Thank you for building this site and thank you guys for being cool members.

Thanks for the group
Thanks for the group
Thanks for the new forum

It’s a community thing, we gotta stick together. Especially when Facebook starts getting all squirrely and pissing on the 1st AND 2nd ammendment.


Amen. Again, thank you guys for your hard work.


Thank you for being a part of it, we take pleasure in helping the builders out there


Travis your an awesome guy. And everyone else that’s a part of this. Thanks again.


Thanks fellas…lots of bad shit in this world…this is a good thing!


Glad to be here! Thanks for setting up this forum.

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Another Thanks Travis- Good to know we’ll still have a safe house when (if) the libtards completely take over FB ----


Ahhhh… No place like home. Good work guys.


Thanks to all for the hard work building this forum.


i am here thanks for doing this


Thank You for doing this


Awesome guys this will become great!


THANKS FOR THE GROUP. Something else I have to learn. Lol


Thanx for continuing to keep a place for us.


Thanks glad to have you


thanks for adding me. i always read peoples questions an the replies cause some have pertained to some questions i’ve had. forums have bin very helpful in my 2 builds.


I’m glad all of you could make it, please share on your facebook pages so we can gain ground, plus they have limited my account to what I can post


Yes, thank you! It’s greatly appreciated with all the pc crap these days