The Best Deal on Boresnakes

I have boresnakes, directly from a manufacturer, for an excellent deal with US Post Office shipping at no additional cost. These come from the same manufacturers who make boresnakes for “name brand” companies who charge $17 retail for just one boresnake.

With minimal packaging, I am able to sell 3 boresnakes for $15 with shipping included! Pick any 3 that I have available in stock!

These are not ordered from these app sites which takes 2-3 weeks to receive, if you even receive it at all. You don’t want to go that route, trust me. On average, my customers receive their boresnakes within 2-3 days after the Post Office acceptance scan.

I accept Paypal and can accept a US Post Office money order (USPO MO only) where funds will be held one business day until they are cleared by my bank and the item will be shipped once the money order clears. No exceptions on money orders as many sellers are Paypal only.

I have the following calibers in stock (the calibers will be updated):

  • 22 caliber (22S/L/LR, 223/5.56, 22-250, 22 TCM)
  • 355 - (380, 9mm, 38 Special, 38 Super, 357 Magnum, 357 Sig)
  • 44/45 - (44 Special/Magnum/Russian, 45 ACP, 45 Long Colt)
  • 32/8mm - 32 S&W, 32 ACP, 8mm Mauser, .338 caliber rifles)
  • 12 gauge shotgun

Are these the ones that have the same name as the red dot that has venom on it?


They are OEM/white labeled from a manufacturer where a US company would have put into packaging and sold directly to customers.

This is very common in computer hardware and also electronics, like TVs. An example of TVs that does this is LG- same quality as the high end TVs but at an affordable price.

The ones i was referring to aren’t just smooth rope. They have bronze bristles. Do these ones have bristles? I didnt know LG was a rebrand. I thought they made the OLED THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS?

My product has brass bristles within the rope.

I’ll look at the models and get what I don’t have depending on your inventory. Thanks for your help.

Well, I should have looked first. I need a .40 cal a 7.62x 39 which you don’t have and the 12 Guage that you do have. Do you pan on getting the other two in the near future?

I plan on getting more inventory soon. 40 caliber was on the list.

I have 30 caliber that will delivered today for your 7.62x39.