The HABU ar-changing handle

OK so I have a product review from on the HABU advance engagement charging handle for the AR 15. The initial thought was …why. why do I need it next come the price. So breaking this down I’ll go over it all.

  1. Package the product comes in a great retail package clean and clear good visual, 2 parts the handle and the grip, and 2 screws.
  2. Assembly was easy took only a minuet. With 2 positions available allowing the grip to be 1.5 inches back
  3. Drop in , the raptor I had drops out and this dropped in. It is a milspec item
  4. Look, the handle looks amazing with smooth lines that flow with the body and stock nothing hanging off the side to get caught on.
  5. Durability, the HABU is made of 7075t6 by safariland same as raptor and many others. The grip is the same as magpul.
  6. Function, ok after a few times getting used to the function of this it seemed easer, faster, to use then the raptor I had been using. The grip has grooves that allow a firm grip with no slip when engaging.
  7. Testing ok so I tested the crap out of this we put mud, water, dirt, stones, sand on this and it functioned no problem. We also ran a few drills with dummy rounds in a live round fire test to see times on clearing the result was faster expecially when we returned back to target. The transition from on target, to jam, to clearing, to back on target was literal no movement. When tested against the raptor using a finger pull we had to twist out hand to a non proper fashion to keep within lof, when we used a pulm pull we had to compensate with the grip hand again more effort then using the HABU.
    The down side to the HABU was my friend who is weak from a medical condition with his mussels he did have a hard time pulling it with his bad arm, his good arm he had no issue.
    8.price , prices are all over from $95 down to $75 offers a code for 10% making it $67.50
  8. Color, the HABU comes in black, earth. And OD green
  9. Personal ratting 4.8/5
    Reason for point reduction ,no ar-10 availability