Thought you folks would like to see the latest build- Walnut and Steel look


This is my latest. It’s an Anderson upper and lower, found a pair that was a very tight fit. 18" stainless barrel (FN) rifle length, standard A2. Trued the front of the receiver, cerakote in “stainless” with some hand work done in the roll marks that about killed my eyesite. A “standard” charging handle except in NiB that I stuck a latch on. AIM enhanced NiB carrier and bolt. The wood is from Lucid, had some issues with it when I first got it (AAA grade Walnut) from Brownells but I got in touch with Clem at and he fixed me up quick (handguard was WAY out of spec) and sent on some 1911 grips as well. Great guy, solid company. Pretty sure it’s THE Clem Boyd as in Boyd’s stocks, shot the shit with the guy on the phone for about 20 minutes about all sorts of BS nice guy. What did I forget… old school teardrop battery assist. Looks fantastic, GREAT shooter.

Most interesting part about this build was the challenge of cerakote. Great system, great coating, pain in the effing ass to do. Built a blast cabinet, bought a dented smoker. It’s all in the prep. Eventually got it right and now I have a little side business going. What do you think?


Like the wood, looks great


Beautiful, love to see more pics


That is a beautiful piece. Something that nice should be in a display case. What does the wood stock and pistol grip run?


Love it! Brings me back to rifle beginnings with beautiful wood on Milsurps.


Sorry guys, was busy and since this was my first post they would only allow 1 pic.

This is a shooter. Accuracy so far seems good, need to scope it to be totally sure where it is but it’s my most accurate AR with irons. Using a MaTech BUIS for irons at the moment, probably going to cerakote a milspec carry handle and go with that for looks. I’m a 1/2" group at 50 y on a sandbag on a windy day with way too much coffee. She’s heavy, north of 9 lbs by an ounce or two. The wood was expensive nearly 300 bucks.
Groups tightened up about 200 rounds in and keep getting better, I’m not cleaning the bore until they get worse. 62 grain green tip so far is all it eats. 1-8 rifling.



That’s awesome!

I’m doing a 6.8 SPC with wood furniture for my dad but I still have a long way to go as I just have the upper, lower and barrel.


Why 6.8? Just curious. I was thinking about building an upper a couple years back and never got around to it, was tossing the 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Grendel around for my SPR.

Since you have the barrel already there isn’t any reason to try to steer you to 6.5 Grendel but ballistically from the same barrel length they are basically identical out to about 300, with longer than 16" the performance is better on the 6.5 but no difference in the 6.8 until you get into the updated chamber, and the bullet ogive on the 6.5 bucks the wind better at distance. Hunting gun for 300 and in they are so alike there is no difference though, and I believe the 6.8 has a new chamber I think it’s just called SPC II or something that you can load to higher pressures for heavier bullets from what I read, but accuracy falls off somewhat. I did some exhaustive reading on this chambering. I do have one in the works (meaning in my brain). Brownells has a premium barrel that is supposed to be the most accurate for the 6.5 in both 18" and 24".

Maybe I should get a second handguard set and build a 24" rifle length 6.5 wood upper for this! LOL I spend WAY too much money on this shit. Money and brain.


Soooo beautiful… firearms man! Theres nothing that just pumps at first glance like them. That thing is sick. Buddy of mine just pulled the trigger on a stock set similar… cant wait to see it.


Absolutely beautiful wooden set, looks very good.


Glad to see someone else likes wood on their AR. I just finished one in 300HAM’R