Traveling disassembled, is it still a firearm at this point?

Have an AR that’s not entirely featureless and want to travel with it, wondering if disassembled meaning Lower Split from the upper and separated is it still a firearm at that point? Any ideas?

Hi, I’ve personally travelled ( not flying) to other states with my AR’s complete and never had an issue. If I remember right ATF stipulates breach open with cable lock thru ejection port and magazine well and weapon in locking case W/ No ammo ( Zipper cases with to zippers that can be locked together with padlock are permissable. Ammunition has to be in seperate locked container (no loaded mags) You shouldn’t have any issues unless your traveling to gun unfriendly states which you might check local regulations.I gone back and forth from AZ to Cali and been stopped with no issues but MASS., NY and DC might have regs.

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If your AR is legal in your home state of residence , your not in volation of another states laws due your home state residency. I personally taken my guns to ranges in CA without issue ithat had police officers as range officers, so again check local regs